Mary Ann Lederer paints in vivid color the world as she wishes it to be - a world of trees and flowers, rivers, birds, animals and people, children playing, people of diverse racial and ethnic groups living in harmony in a natural setting.
Lederer began painting as a hobby after an injury in 1976 left her a paraplegic. Since then her work has been exhibited in many local galleries, restaurants, coffee houses, colleges. She painted three pigs for the Big Pig Gig. “I paint the world I’d love to live in, a multi-ethnic world of freedom, equality and healthfulness, where air is clean and water pure, where plants are wild or organically grown, where animals are free - a sustainable natural world.” Calling herself a “philosopher-painter,” she paints her commitment to the compassionate treatment of animals, people and the earth.
Lederer is a native Cincinnatian, graduate of the University of Cincinnati, with a Masters degree in community planning.

by Mary Ann Lederer
One day in late spring my friends lifted me from my wheelchair and set me in my vegetable garden. Usually they do all the gardening for me. As I sat with my arms near elbow deep in soil, a great spirit took hold my hands and pulled me close, injecting me with life force, connecting me with all humanity and to all life forms. I could hear the earth calling me to care for every living and natural thing, every leaf and herb, insect and rock. That day I think I first loved insects, and maybe I needed to love insects in order to love humankind all the more.
How incredibly unique and in balance is Nature when left alone. What power the earth holds for us who let it. How wonderful it is to rub the hands in soil. There is magic in the soil!